What Is Rotex?

ROTEX is a Society of past Rotary Exchange Students, an Alumni Association consisting of all the returning students of RYE. Rotex engages with new outbound exchange students by guiding them for a better experience ahead.

Rotex acts as a medium between Rotary Clubs and exchange students through supporting Rotarians and mentoring exchange students for their programs respectively. Rotex helps and interacts with students who are going on an exchange and inbound students coming on an exchange to their districts.

Rotex Members are like advocates and ambassadors of RYE in cities, districts and countries, these are potential leaders who contribute to the growth of next-gen Rotarians.

Charter presentation and installation of Rotex3054

Rotex 3054

Rotex 3054 is the Rotary Alumni Association under RID 3054 which comprises Gujarat and Rajasthan regions.

Rotex 3054 has more than 80 Members who actively participate in Alumni Supported events.
As a community of past RYE students, we are Committed to provide enhanced guidance to RYE inbound and outbound students of our district. We also network and collaborate with other Rotex from around the world to exchange ideas and cultural developments.

Rotex 3054 is beyond an alumni association, it is a powerhouse of youngsters working towards the betterment of our Society. We have embarked on various Community Service and development projects under Rotex. These projects have been successfully well received by Rotarians of RID 3054 and globally as well.

Our flagship projects have been Disaster and Disease Prevention fundraiser/distribution campaigns during Covid-19. We collected funds for PPE Kits, Masks, Sanitisers, Oxygen Concentrators and Instruments which can be of help for hospitals and people around cities.

We have also sponsored treatment of Children suffering from cancer and have worked towards education of local government school Children.

Rotex 3054 consists of a fun bunch of people, enthusiastic towards Society, always ready to help anyone and everyone in need.

We are always open to new ideas and collaborations, so don’t hesitate and reach out to us for a nice chat at rotex3054@gmail.com.

How To Join Rotex?

  • Be a Past RYE Student
  • Express your Interest to be in ROTEX
  • You’re a member!

Step 1

To become Rotex, the first step is to be an RYE student. You must have participated in past exchange programs.

Step 2

You can reach out to the present Rotex board or members and express your interest to join the community and help other students enhance their experience.

Step 3

Becoming a part of Rotex is an easy process. You need to support the causes that Rotex offers, and the purpose of it. Once you’re a member, the door to many opportunities has just opened for you!


Annual Reports

Current Board Members

Our Causes/We support

Basic education and literacy
Basic education and literacy
We stand with this cause vehemently. Rotex 3054 believes that the more youngsters we educate, the better it is for the future generations of our country.
Disease prevention and treatment
Disease Prevention and Treatment
We believe that the power of youth can be facilitated and used to prevent diseases. Rotex 3054 embarked on two huge fundraising and distribution campaigns which revolved around the treatment during Covid-19 Pandemic.
Protecting the environment
Protecting the Environment
We stand by the cause to prevent our environment and resources from depleting. Conserving the local resources, natural habitat is a cause we diligently work towards.
Promoting peace and conflict prevention
Promoting Peace and Conflict Prevention
We are committed towards Peace in communities that co-exist around us. As Gen-Z, we realise and understand the importance of Peace around us and we do our best to use our power of digitally minimised borders in order to bring cultures and people together and promote peace in society.