Youth Exchange Programs

What Are The Benefits?

The true benefits of any Youth Exchange Program are: 

  • Connect and Network with different people from different countries

  • Develop lifelong leadership skills

  • Learn new languages, history and culture of the place you visit

  • Build lasting friendships with young people from around the world

  • Become a global citizen

Youth Exchange Programs

Types Of Exchange

Rotary Youth Exchange offers three types of exchange programs:

  • Long-term exchange

    These exchanges usually last one year, during which the student lives with more than one family in the host country and is required to attend school there. Long-term exchanges may be extended to include part or all of the holiday/vacation periods immediately before and after the academic year.

  • Short-term exchange

    These exchanges vary from several days to several weeks; they often take place when school is not in session and usually do not include an academic program. Short-term exchanges generally involve a homestay experience with a family in the host country, but they can also be organised as international youth camps or tours that bring together students from many countries.

  • New Generations exchange

    These specialized short-term exchanges last a few weeks to 3 months and are open to young people upto age 30 making this a suitable option for recent secondary school graduates, young professionals, and Rotaractors. These exchanges may be arranged for individuals or groups and can involve homestays, tours, or camps. Exchanges can also include a vocational element, and some districts offer specialized internships, depending on where your exchange takes place. In this Exchange, you’ll plan activities that can include networking, relationship building, humanitarian service, professional development, and leadership training along with your Host Rotary Clubs.

Summer Camps

Summer Camps last for small durations of two to three weeks. Rotary Districts around the world organise Summer Camps for the youth which can be categorised under Cultural Exchange, Friendship Exchange programs. These Camps are an opportunity for the youth to visit a new country and experience their culture for a few days and get a glimpse of life in the Host Country.

These are fun trips which youngsters embark upon to different countries. Youth from different countries are selected for these camps and they gather together to spend the camp days, all the more meeting many different people from different countries altogether.

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